Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tea painting from Joseon Dynasty

Lee Jae-Gwan, "Jeon Da Do", 18C

Tea life of scholars in Joseon dynasty. 

"창가에서 붓 가는 대로 글씨를 쓰고 솥에서는 쓴 차를 끓인다. "
"Writing by the window as the brush flows, boiling bitter tea in the pot."

Friday, August 15, 2014

Han Dol Ninja Warrior Training!!

Han Dol Martial Arts and Handol Tearoom will be hosting a Han Dol (mini) Ninja Warrior w/ Tea Tasting by Handol Tearoom event.

Parents and Adults are welcome to enjoy selections of Taiwanese / Korean Tea.

Children, (maybe adults can try too) will test their Soo Bahk Skills against the Han Dol mini Warrior Challenge!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wakey Wakey! Yerba Mate and Burdock - Delicious Morning Tea

"Wakey Wakey, it's time to drink 'Yerba mate and Burdock'!!"
'Yerba mate and Burdock' is one of my husband's favorite herbal tea blend, especially for morning. Because he can't drink coffee (too much caffeine for him),  since he found Yerba mate, he became a big fan of it. Yerba mate, itself is already good, but mixing with 4 ~ 5 pieces of burdock makes even healthier and more delicious.


As a morning tea, I like to brew this tea in around 170℉ water (Boiling the water and let it cool for about 3~5 minutes), 1 1/2 tablespoon of this blend per 1 cup. You can steep for minimum 5 minutes or 10 ~15 minutes for stronger taste.

And for the lazy afternoon, I prefer iced tea with a bit of honey. You can pour warm tea on ice (in this case, steep the tea longer than 10 minutes). Or steep the tea directly in cold water, stir and strain after more than 10 minutes. You can add honey, sugar, or other sweetener as you want, and ice.

You can find this tea at our online store and our tea room in Danbury, Connecticut.
As always, we picked only the good ingredients for you.

Yerba mate : Northern Argentina
Burdock root : Taiwan

Here some information about Yerba mate.

Yerba mate tea is a South American beverage made by steeping the ground leaves and stems of the yerba mate plant. Yerba mate is a central nervous system stimulant containing caffeine, but it also contains a number of other nutrients, including antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Yerba mate is touted as being a safe and effective nervous system stimulant with few side effects and many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of drinking yerba mate tea.

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Yerba mate tea is very high in antioxidants; it's got about 90% more antioxidants than green tea. Yerba mate has significant immune boosting properties. It can slow the signs of aging, detoxify the blood and prevent many types of cancer. Yerba mate also helps reduce stress and insomnia.

2. Enhances Your Ability to Focus

Proponents of yerba mate tea say that the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, animo acids and polphenols found in this beverage have a balancing effect on the caffeine it contains. Users report increased mental energy, clarity and focus, but they also say that yerba mate doesn't cause any of the uncomfortable side effects associated with drinking caffeinated beverages, such as headaches, stomachaches and jitters.

3. Enhances Physical Endurance

The chemical compounds and nutrients in yerba mate tea affect your metabolism to make your body use carbohydrates more efficiently. This means you'll get more energy from the food you eat. You'll also burn more of the calories your body has stored in fat cells as fuel when you drink yerba mate tea regularly. Regular yerba mate consumption also helps keep lactic acid from building up in your muscles so you can decrease post workout soreness and cut your recovery time.

4. Aids Digestion

The native peoples of South America have long used yerba mate tea as a traditional herbal remedy against digestive ailments. Yerba mate aids digestion by stimulating increased production of bile and other gastric acids. Yerba mate helps keep your colon clean for effective and efficient waste elimination, and helps reduce the stomach bacteria that can contribute to bad breath.

5. Helps You Control Your Weight

Native South American peoples have traditionally used yerba mate as part of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. Yerba mate has stimulant qualities to help you feel full sooner after you begin eating, and it slows your digestion so that your stomach stays full longer. Combining yerba mate with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help boost your metabolism to burn more calories, and it can help you eat less by curbing your appetite slightly.

6. Supports Cardiovascular Health

The antioxidants and amino acids present in yerba mate help fat and cholesterol move through your bloodstream so that they don't accumulate on artery walls. Yerba mate also helps prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and prevents blood clots that may cause heart attack or stroke.

And about burdock.

The burdock plant is one that certainly stands out amongst others. A member of the thistle family, it grows easily on a variety of different terrains, its large leaves making it easily spotted. At the top of the shrub, there are clusters of round, purple, spiny, bulbs which are notorious for catching on the clothing of passerby. Though they may seem like a pesky plant, many people harvest the roots and leaves of the burdock and utilize them to make herbal teas.
Burdock tea has been used as an herbal remedy and soothing tonic since the Middle Ages and beyond. It is commonly used today in traditional Chinese medicine, and in savory cuisine throughout Europe and especially Japan. However, in tea form it can be sipped for either recreational or medicinal reasons. In oils or tinctures, its healing properties are said to help burn victims, and some believe that it may even help prevent hair loss, due to the fatty acids and other nutrients present in its root oil extract.

1. Purifies & Stabilizes Blood

Burdock tea works as an efficient blood purifier and can help detoxify as well as cleanse the blood of any impurities that may have built up. When ingested, burdock tea can lower blood sugar to a mild degree, also known as a hypoglycemic effect. However, those who are diabetic should be sure to check with their healthcare practitioner, especially if their blood sugar needs to be tightly regulated, so as to avoid any conflict with current medications.

2. Stimulates Appetite & Aids Digestion

Other health benefits that have been associated with burdock tea include the soothing effect it holds on the stomach. Herbalists suggest drinking this tea after meals to aid digestion, particularly if you have any gastrointestinal difficulties. It also helps to stimulate appetite and keep the intestinal tract cleansed and flushed. Burdock acts as a diuretic, flushing urine and corresponding waste products out of the body this way. As part of a detoxification program, burdock may help keep you regular and fully cleansed, while also ensuring that you manage to keep a healthy appetite.

3. Healthy Liver Function

Another important benefit is this tea’s ability to reduce liver damage from microbes or bacteria, and help in the ease of various kidney ailments. Aside from this, it can also help those that have any gallbladder discomforts as well. It can also help repair livers that have been damaged by the consumption of alcohol. Furthermore, it is also known to be able to assist the liver in the cleansing of the body, which is useful particularly when the body needs that added boost of health.

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