Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grilled Peach and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Well, this is not really tea related recipe, but I think it's perfect dessert for summer day.  

Simply grilled peach and  Vanilla ice cream..

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cranes and Pine Trees - Cast Iron Teapot from 'TAKU'.

This teapot is probably one of the highest quality cast iron teapot in the market. 

Each details are sophisticate and elegant. Cranes and pine trees are molded on top of extremely smooth rust-proof surface. Unlike other iron teapots, the handle is beautifully covered to protect you from heat.

 Even the teapot stand and the lid holder are carefully designed and made. The tea stand and the lid holder are included in this set and the set comes with a nice bamboo box, which is great for gift.

"Taku" is the cast iron brand in Taiwan. Based on its philosophy, "a combination of traditional and modern arts, humanity science and innovated technology can improve the quality of human life.", Taku produces cast iron pots inspired by the beauty of ancient cast iron pots and their health benefits. Even though traditional and cheaper way of making cast iron products is using sand mold, Taku developed ceramic mold which makes its products lighter, thinner, stronger, and smoother than any other cast iron products. 

 check this video.
It shows how they are making their products. 

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